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Digital Construction Consultants

Visualise.  Validate.  Optimise.

Mitosis provides digital construction and data assurance consultancy services to the energy sector.

Specialising in 4D construction visualisation for greenfield, brownfield and turnaround projects, our mission is to provide our clients with an optimised construction execution schedule enabling safe, efficient and constraints free project delivery.

As part of the validation process, we ensure our clients' 3D model data is structured and aligned with the relevant project standards.

An organised and complete 3D model data set will ensure a smooth transition from project to asset digital twin.

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Our Services

Our Services

Project Data Review

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Mitosis will engage with clients and contractors to assess project data quality and consistency across design applications.

Typical review points would be tagging consistency, attributed data, plant breakdown structure (PBS) and 3D model hierarchy.

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A structured and complete project engineering data set will lead to a successful handover to the asset Engineering Data Warehouse (EDW) and support the asset digital twin.

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Mitosis can support the client with the authoring and development of a 3D or 4D model specification to suit their requirements.

Digital Construction Visualisation

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4D modelling enables the project teams to combine their 3D models with the project execution schedule, providing a visual representation of the path of construction, including activities and resource management via a comprehensive digital rehearsal.

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Planning becomes a collaborative process based on input from the whole construction team.  This provides the following benefits:​

  • Schedule validation, visualisation and optimisation.

  • Path of construction simulation for third party and stakeholder engagement.

  • Critical lift and logistics management visualisation.

  • Visibility of safety critical activities, simultaneous operations (SIMOPS) and work front clashes.

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